Corporate Valuation

The biggest fault of many owners is that they do not view their businesses as important assets whose value has to be managed and whose cash-flow and financial accounts need to be structured accordingly in order to maximise such valuations. Valuing your business is an essential exercise in determining how successful your company has been in creating value in the past, and also in terms of looking at perpetuity issues such as selling off an equity stake to investors or raising additional external capital for expansion purposes.

DEVELCO Corporate Consulting has compiled a comprehensive valuation methodology called Smart Corporate Valuation, which examines the business from a strategic perspective. We provide specific action plans that allow you to improve your valuation positively.

DEVELCO Corporate Consulting also provides a comprehensive business valuation service for taxation, acquisition and merger requirements. Our valuation reports are comprehensive and providers the users of the reports a clear understanding to the valuation of the business.

Strategic Partnering

Black Economic Empowerment had become a central part of the South African Government's economic transformation strategy. When dealing with large customers of the likes of Sasol and the various departments of state and their associated enterprises, a lack of BEE credentials can severely impact on your ability to trade. On this basis, BBBEE partnering is no longer a "nice to have", but has become a strategic imperative in ensuring a long-term survival strategy in conducting business in South Africa.

Our experience in this type of transaction lies in the emphasis placed in determining the valuation of the existing business and managing the partner expectations. For any BEE deal to be successful, we need to spell out the capabilities of the respective parties.

DEVELCO Corporate Consulting has developed a comprehensive BEE partnering programme, called BBBEE Partnering Assist, not only to manage the entire process, but also to provide necessary interventions when expectations are not fulfilled.

DEVELCO Corporate Consulting has access to various BEE and DFI (Development Financial Institution Funds in order to assist the BEE Partner in obtaining the necessary funding to purchase an equity stake in the relevant business. We at Develco Corporate Consulting believe that once equity is purchased, the deal should allow all parties to become secure in their positions so that every stakeholder becomes positively entrenched and can work together effectively to the ultimate benefit of growing the company concerned.

Capital Investment and Transaction Support

The most critical decision a company faces is the level of investment required to increase operating and production capacity. Bad investment decisions in most cases can destroy the overall competitiveness of your business and lead to serious cash-flow problems in the short to medium term.

DEVELCO Corporate Consulting has compiled a comprehensive methodology called Capex Smart Analyser, in order to properly asses and evaluate your capital expenditure relative to your overall strategic framework. We provide you with a comprehensive cost analysis and profit plan that will determine if the investment will meet its required “Return on Investment”.

Capital Expenditure Incentives and Rebates

Complimentary to our consulting services, we offer and facilitate an entire array of DTI and other Econo-centric Capex Incentive schemes that are available to qualifying companies in the manufacturing, oil & gas processing, bottling & beverage, pharmaceutical, printing, information and communication technology (ICT), Agro-processing And Tourism industries.

The most widely utilized of these incentives is the EIP: The Enterprise Incentive (Development) Program (EIP) is a Capex-based Incentive Scheme in terms of which your company can get a rebate of up to 30% back over a three year period for all capital expenditures on Plant & Equipment / Furniture, fixtures & fittings, additional Land & Buildings (or rental capitalized @ 15% over 80 months) , Commercial vehicles, and Research & Development.

DEVELCO specializes in assisting companies in the aforementioned industries in raising venture or expansion capital for the purposes of setting up / expanding operations in the aforementioned industries, in addition to registering & correctly structuring your entity so that it qualifies for these Capex Incentive schemes (in terms of which your entity stands to get a substantial rebate/payout in terms of its capital expenditures in P&E, L&B, R&D etc.). All the payouts in terms of the incentive schemes are also Tax-free and Non-refundable in terms of section 10zH of the Income Tax Act (1996).

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